Blue and Gold Plus More

Information and other books under cut!

I haven't updated with a book in a while so this is the newest one. At Wet Paint they have these mixed bags of chiyo and other Japanese papers from The Japanese Paper Place. Because I only really do OoaK books that are small it was a great selection of paper to use in books. The cream strip in the middle is just a wrap around and can be slid off. The inside has this lovely gold but sadly the end pages cover a lot of it.

Around 2.5"square end to end. Mostly chiyo, 40lb sketch paper, pastel paper, wax thread, metal and glass beads and finding.

A tiny chiyo book. With lokta inserts, 20lb paper, wax thread and glass bead. This is my favorite paper ever!

This one is around 3.5"x2.5", mostly chiyo, metal and glass beads, I'm not actually sure what the interior is. I made the pamphlet about four years ago actually. It's bright red on the inside, sort of magical.

Was also able to make 80 buttons for the papercraft comic I'm working on for MIX! Working on the packaging, which is horribly enjoyable.